RealizD iPhone App has been reported by many media. Below are some of the news reports, media reviews, and influencers’ twitter tweets.



Release Date Media News Link
6/10/2016  BBC NEWS BBC: Teenagers ‘checking mobile phones in night’
7/05/2016  Quora Quora: How do I stop procrastinating and not looking at my phone every 5 seconds? Answered by Sharon Feldman Danzger
30/11/2016  知乎 周昶帆(36氪前主笔,知乎专栏作者): 经常看手机入迷浪费了很多时间?推荐一个解决时间碎片化问题的利器
21/06/2017  爱范儿 小容:你的手机瘾多严重?用它一测吓哭了
15/07/2016  最美应用 最美应用: 手机上瘾怎么治?—4 款 APP 帮你逃离手机的控制
5/01/2016  Geek Fence An eye-opening app that tells you how much time you spend on your smartphone!
17/05/2016  Leadership Coach Leadership Coach: How much deep work are you doing?
14/05/2016  She Prevails ShePrevails: 7 Apps for Every Girlboss
30/04/2016  LA NACION LA NACION: Smartphone addicts, help is on the way and comes as apps
20/04/2016  KLAQ The Average Person Unlocks Their Phone 80 Times A Day
22/05/2017  Bellingham Podcast CHALLENGE TWO: Monitoring our usage of our devices using iOS app RealizD
12/02/2017  Claire Codi Realizd: I watch more than two hours a day on my phone
12/11/2016  Bilal
Bilal Hafeez: 9 Cool New Useful Apps I’m Loving!
10/10/2016 PSY
10 Digital Detox Rules To Improve Your Sleep
2/05/2016 Kaspars Vendelis The phone save time, improve productivity and Satellites
22/07/2016 热点网 一个APP让你终结手机依赖症,关屏挑战即将开始!



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